Our Story

Bode is part of The Wellington Company group (TWC), which has been a major player in the redevelopment of Wellington’s urban environments and historic places. This includes the resurgence and revitalisation of Wellington’s heritage buildings and places such as Hannah’s Factory, Cuba Mall and Erskine College, setting a new standard in community design.

In addition, TWC has been at the forefront of environmental design and innovation in delivery. This is represented in delivering Wellington's first five-star green buildings (Spark Central and Conservation House) both utilising innovation in technology to deliver superior performing and sustainable building solutions to the market.

A Place to Call Home

Bode's thermal performance

Bode provides a warm, dry and comfortable environment that maintains a stable temperature all year round. The building envelope has a high R-value and is completely thermally broken, including the high-performance double-glazed joinery. Our energy-efficient design significantly reduces operating and energy costs for homeowners. This is thanks to the superior insulation performance of our PIR panels and the heat recovery ventilation unit that circulates warm and dry air for a healthy home.

Our building system creates a high-performing and airtight home that is 50% to 70% more energy efficient than a traditional timber framed home. The current analysis is for a Bode is to perform at a 7-8 Homestar rating depending on site location. 150mm C-panel walls and 200mm roof panel for floor and roof are being explored to provide the ultimate in thermal performance, where depending on location and orientation; a passive house standard could be achieved.


Our Mission

Affordable housing for all

Bode manufactures affordable, high-performing housing at scale and is revolutionising how we build for the betterment of Kiwi communities. After five years of research and development, we are shaking up the housing industry. We’re giving New Zealanders a cost-effective place to call home through innovation and a genuine duty of care mindset. Our solution is efficient, impactful, light on the planet, and supportive of our local industry. There’s much talk in the housing industry about affordable housing, modular design, sustainable building, offsite construction, speed-to-build, waste minimisation, and energy efficiency.

Bode is all of that, and more.



The housing affordability crisis in New Zealand is a significant and multifaceted issue that extends beyond individuals, impacting the wider community, health, social services, and environmental sustainability. Homeownership forms the cornerstone of financial stability and well-being for many individuals and families, however, this cornerstone is at risk. Escalating property prices, coupled with a shortage of quality housing, have made homeownership an increasingly elusive dream for many and is keeping some New Zealand families in a cycle of poverty.

Furthermore, as the world grapples with the realities of climate change, there is an urgent need for environmentally sustainable solutions in every industry, including housing. Any new solution needs to be designed for mass manufacturing and the use of digital fabrication. Without implementing these design considerations, Kiwis will continue to experience the shortcomings that other housing providers have with quality, speed of production and assembly, cost and performance.

Housing is an especially important problem to solve because it's recognised by the World Health Organisation as having a profound impact on people’s physical, mental, and overall well-being. Bode's innovative, affordable, and sustainable housing solution is a game-changer in this landscape, providing a feasible route to homeownership. We're not just building homes; we're contributing to improving social equity and health outcomes by addressing a pressing social issue.

At Bode, we believe that everyone deserves a warm, dry, and healthy home that they can afford. Our modular, prefabricated homes are the future of housing, offering a smart and sustainable solution that doesn't compromise on quality or comfort.