The bode difference


At Bode, we pride ourselves on our precision manufacturing processes. We have made a significant investment in research and development, as well as robotic technologies that enable us to produce our homes quickly, at scale, with low waste and highly repeatable outcomes. We are confident that the homes we supply will not only meet our expected level of performance but will also be delivered efficiently.


Experience the ultimate in high-performance homes with Bode. Our PIR panel homes are designed and built for optimal structural performance that exceed rigorous building code requirements for wind zones in New Zealand. With impact resistance, hydrophobic design, and future-proofed insulation, our homes provide unbeatable performance.


Enjoy a home that is warm, dry, and healthy with Bode. Our homes offer a thermal envelope that includes high R-value walls, floors, roofs, and thermally broken joinery. Our energy-efficient design significantly reduces operating and energy costs for homeowners. This is thanks to the superior insulation performance of our PIR panels and the heat recovery ventilation unit that controls temperature and humidity.


One of the most impressive features of Bode homes is our speed. Thanks to our advanced construction methods, Bode homes can be built up to be faster than traditional homes. This means that you can move into your new home sooner and start enjoying all of the benefits that Bode homes have to offer. The speed of Bode homes is due to our modular construction, which allows for greater precision and efficiency in the building process.


At Bode, we believe that everyone deserves a high-quality, affordable home.. Our homes are cost-effective to purchase and maintain in the long run, making Bode the perfect choice for homeowners who want the best value.

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Pre production offer
Bode pre-production offer


Unlock your imagination with our Shell-Only Pre-production offer This is your chance to secure a blank canvas and bring your dream home to life.

Only for a limited time!