Performance & Quality

Performance & Quality

Bode homes are built considerably different – everything is sealed, so we’re not worried about water getting on the walls. The connection between the walls and the roof is solid. We’ve had extensive 3rd party pressurised water testing done on the exterior of our buildings – they perform significantly better than a traditionally constructed building. For example, most standard designs meet high wind zone requirements and some meet very high wind zone requirements. Our designs, as standard, meet the extra high wind zone requirements. Furthermore, to meet extra high wind zone standards, your facade must be able to withstand 2.5kpa of pressure with no moisture ingress – our design exceeded that by 60% at 4.0kpa of pressure! We’re proud to show off the testing. 
We have deliberately designed our homes without eaves because it provides the following benefits: 

Thermal bridging – to extend our roof panels to form an eave, the bottom skin would create a thermal bridge, reducing the thermal performance of our homes. 
Rain-washing – the eaves stop a portion of the facade from being rain-washed, increasing the maintenance requirement for manual washes and decreasing the durability of the facade over time. Most cladding only has a 15-year design life – ours has a 50-year design life! 

The funny thing we always think about when we get asked about how weather-tight our homes are – is that because our homes perform so highly, we are actually more worried about getting moisture generated by the home’s occupants out than stopping water from coming in!

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