Bode 32 - pre production offer

Introducing the Shell-Only Bode offer- Your Canvas for Creativity!

Unlock your imagination with our Shell-Only Bode offer! This is your chance to secure a blank canvas and bring your dream home to life. The Shell-Only option provides you with the essential structure and framework of a Bode home, allowing you to customize and design every aspect to suit your unique vision.

With the Shell-Only Bode Sale, you have the freedom to choose the layout, interior finishes, and personal touches that reflect your style and needs. From creating an open-concept living space to designing the perfect kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, the possibilities are endless.

Built with advanced PIR structural insulation panels, our Shell-Only Bode homes offer superior energy efficiency and durability. The thermally efficient construction ensures a cozy and comfortable living environment throughout the year while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Bode has been designed to offer a high-quality, high-performance home that’s rapid to assemble at an affordable price point.

Below is an overview of our product, building materials, performance measures, and finishes.


External dimensions - 8.0m x 4.0m
Internal dimensions - 7.8m x 3.8m
Roof Pitch - 5-degree.


Floor 150mm - R7
Walls 100mm - R4.7
Roof 150mm - R7

Internal walls

Internal walls are unlined with Colorsteel Titania. Internal top brackets exposed, color matched Titania

Windows and doors

Thermally broken double glazed aluminium windows.

Pre Production Offer


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Pre production offer

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Pre production offer
Bode pre-production offer


Unlock your imagination with our Shell-Only Pre-production offer This is your chance to secure a blank canvas and bring your dream home to life.

Only for a limited time!