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Bode homes have been designed by us in collaboration with Moller Architects and our Engineers Holmes Solutions. We have developed our own unique construction methodologies and systems that enable us to design, manufacture and assemble our homes in a very efficient and cost effective way.

Bode is part of The Wellington Company group, a trusted developer with a 30+ year track record in the delivery of quality residential and commercial developments. Directors Ian Cassels and Caitlyn Taylor regard bode as a social impact investment, one in which they hope housing can be democratised for a very real and pressing need for affordable, quality homes.

Our pricing proposal to you is most likely to include both fixed and variable components. For those items that are fixed, we will guarantee our pricing for 3 months from the time of offer

This will depend on a range of things but working from the assumption that any site development required has been completed it will take approximately 6-8 weeks from ordering confirmation to delivery of our modular components on site. Assemble to a weathertight exterior shell will take between 1-2 weeks depending on the house typology size. Fit out of the interior will take another 4-6 weeks depending on the availability of options selected.

Bode homes are delivered flat packed to site ready for assembly by our trained installers. Our smaller houses, up to 56m2, can be delivered ready assembled as long as the accessibility of the site can accommodate this.

This depends on the size of the home. Typically, we can expect our two bedroom homes to be completed to weathertight level, ie external walls, floor and roof, windows and flashings installed.

For most of our homes, yes you will. For our smallest home the Bode 32, depending on the characteristics of your site, maybe able to be constructed without a consent.

While it is possible to use your builder, we recommend you use our trained installers who are familiar with our unique construction system. We can train your builder in our system, requiring at least 2 weeks, and would require some additional oversight from us during your assembly to ensure performance requirements are being met.

We have designed our homes to be used with the Surefoot foundation system: as this is very effective and efficient foundation system for most New Zealand ground conditions and our houses. You are not restricted to this system as our houses can be successfully founded on pretty much any of the typical residential founding systems used in New Zealand.

Freight costs are dependent on the location and specific constraints of your site. We can provide you with this price on request. As a guide, flat pack delivery to the wider Wellington/Manawatu locations is between $750 to $1,200+GST. Similarly fully assembled delivery is between $1,300-$1,400+GST for the same location

We currently have homes available to view in Christchurch, Wellington and Ōtaki. Please contact to arrange to view these at

• Any building and resource consent applications and associated costs.

• Geotechnical ground investigations, producer statements and any site-specific design requirements.

• Foundation system assumes use of the Surefoot proprietary foundation system. Any alternatives will be priced on request.

• Utility connections; power, data, three waters.

• Access and site preparation.

• Entry steps, decks and associated paths/structures and vehicular access design and construction

Product warranties will be supplied on the following ; Conqueror NZ for  the PIR panels, NZ Steel for steel cladding to the PIR panels APL for the windows, Haier NZ for kitchen appliances, Mitsubishi NZ for the heat exchanger and Atlantic for the water heater. In additional Producers Statements will be issued for the foundations, structure and dwelling as required by NZ legislation.

Scratched and dented panels can be repaired through a process similar to that in automotive body repairs; using fillers, sanding and spraypainting. The need to replace an entire panel would be very unlikely and present some difficulty.

We offer a composite batten system installed on a per SQM rate and have generic designs for each typology.

Tv’s can be hung from our internal walls, in a conventional way, that are not also external walls. For the external walls (or PIR panel walls) its best to mount the Tv’s etc to custom furniture designed for this

We have a standard schedule of finishes

We have our standard range we recommend. If alternative appliances are required, we are happy to work through it with you.


This will differ per TA and difficult to answer. Three are expected– Foundations, Pre-line, Final

Our homes have undergone extensive structural testing to ensure compliance with New Zealand building codes and demonstrate their performance for wind and earthquake loading conditions around New Zealand. All testing was completed in collaboration with Holmes Engineering

Our construction system has also been tested for external moisture ingress through pressurized water testing (AS/NZS 4284), which exceeded the requirements for extra high wind zones. In addition, the thermal resistance of the PIR foam core insulation has been regularly tested to ensure energy efficiency.

All testing results and structural signoffs from our engineers are documented as part of our compliance process.

Yes, this is included in the price and will need to be completed at your cost.

Our homes are designed to meet the requirements of the Extra High Wind Zone    

We have options available for panels heaters or heat pumps. A fresh air heat recovery ventilation is supplied with every unit

Pre production offer
Bode pre-production offer


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